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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advanced Options: Pre-Installation

Advanced Options: Pre-Installation: " Validate IP addresses during cookie-based authentication attempts. String (disabled, loose, strict) strict
coredump Allow WHM, webmail, and cPanel to create core dumps for debugging purposes. Boolean (1, 0) 0
cpaddons_adminemail The default administrative contact for cPAddon moderation-related email. String (user@example.com) Not Applicable
cpaddons_autoupdate Automatically updates cPAddons. Boolean (1, 0) 1
cpaddons_max_moderation_req_all_mod Maximum number of moderated requests a user may have at any time. Integer 99
cpaddons_max_moderation_req_per_mod Maximum number of moderated requests per addon a user may have at any time. Integer 99
cpaddons_moderation_request Alert the cPAddons administrator of pending moderation requests. Boolean (1, 0) 0
cpaddons_no_3rd_party Prevent users from installing addon scripts that are not provided by cPanel."

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