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Friday, June 17, 2011

TOPCATHOST.COM Name Server Activity | DailyChanges.com

TOPCATHOST.COM Name Server Activity | DailyChanges.com: "Name Server History

The domain topcathost.com was registered on January 17, 2011, and we have name server history going back to April 26, 2011. It is listed as a nameserver for 157 domains and is listed as the primary nameserver for 157 domains including:

50 .COM domains
19 .NET domains
19 .ORG domains
42 .INFO domains
5 .BIZ domains
22 .US domains"

Monday, June 6, 2011

What is web hosting bandwidth?

What is web hosting bandwidth?: "Bandwidth Calculation:

How to calculate website bandwidth? Yes. Almost all of the web hosting service providers can offer the website stats reporting service, but if you’d like to calculate the bandwidth of yourself, here’s a simple calculation method:

Bandwidth needed = Average Page Views x Average Page Size x Average Daily Visitors x Number of days in a month (30) x Redundant Factor

Average Daily Visitors: The total number of monthly visitors/30.
Average Page Size: The average size of your web page.
Average Page Views: The average page viewed per visitors.
Redundant Factor: A safety factor ranged from 1.3 – 1.8.
What’s unlimited bandwidth meaning?

You may find why there’re so many web hositng companies announced to offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared web hosting servers. Is it unlimited bandwidth for real? Okay, let me explain more about the unlimited bandwidth. First, the unlimited bandwidth is not real unlimited. Why? Since most of the websites don’t use too much website bandwidth and then the web hosting providers dared to offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared hosting servers."

Performance & Security for Any Website | CloudFlare | Terms of Use

Performance & Security for Any Website | CloudFlare | Terms of Use: "ACCESS CLOUDFLARE.COM AND SERVICES

In consideration for accessing CloudFlare.com and the Service, CloudFlare grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of the website. This license prohibits your downloading (other than page caching) or modifying any portion of it, except with express, written consent of CloudFlare. This license does not allow resale of CloudFlare's services. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of CloudFlare.com without express written consent of CloudFlare. You may not use any meta tags or any other 'hidden text' utilizing CloudFlare's name or trademarks without the express written consent of CloudFlare. Any unauthorized use automatically terminates the permission or license granted by CloudFlare and may incur legal liabilities for any damages.

You are granted a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create a hyperlink to any non-password protected directories, so long as the link does not portray CloudFlare, its affiliated websites, or its services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive matter. You may not use any of CloudFlare's proprietary graphics or trademarks as part of the link without express written permission."

CloudFlare Review: Speed Up, Boost Your Home Based Business

CloudFlare Review: Speed Up, Boost Your Home Based Business: "bsite a break. Just kidding, lol. They really all rock and I can’t thank them enough for being so awesome!

OK, back to business. Seriously, the real culprit was my web hosting provider. They have this so called “CPU Throttling” thing that slows down your site once you use too much of their CPU resources. I won’t be debating on this issue as depending on how you want to look at it, it can be good or it could be bad. Some web hosting companies will take down your site right out and then, you simply disappear. This “CPU Throttling” thing is designed to slow down access to your site with the guarantee that it will never go down. So, is it good or bad? You be the judge.

Anyway, I guess that I can’t complain too much as this is one of the downsides of “shared hosting”. Obviously, if you are in the beginning, this is not a problem you will be facing, and for this purpose my web hosting provider serves its purpose well. However, as your site grows, setbacks will eventually come. Sad, but true, and you have to deal with them."

CloudFlare review and how I reduced my bounce rate 94%

CloudFlare review and how I reduced my bounce rate 94%: "Just weeks ago CloudFlare debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt and was the runner up. How they didn’t win amazes me.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, a service that requires you to change your DNS hosting is asking a lot. It didn’t take long for me to realize how beneficial the 5-minute setup was.

Before I go on, let me make it clear that I’m not using any affiliate links here. I genuinely love CloudFlare’s technology and believe that everyone should be informed.

CloudFlare claims to be a performance and security enhancement. At the DNS level, they intercept traffic and weed out the bad requests (i.e. spammers, unwanted bots, malicious IPs, and more) before they even get to your server.

Additionally, they can insert Google Analytics tracking code for you. They can obfuscate email addresses to protect them from spammers. They cache your site’s resources around the world and are able to return the files directly from the cache server that is closes"

Editors Note: DNS issues can drive an ordinary webmaster absolutely batty. If this simplifies things as improves them, then I guess I would be stupid not to try it out!

CloudFlare | CrunchBase Profile

CloudFlare | CrunchBase Profile: "CloudFlare edit
CloudFlare is a service that does one thing: make websites better. With a single change to DNS, sites are instantly protected from a wide range of online threats, see an increase in page load speeds, and have their content dynamically optimized across the Internet. CloudFlare’s core service is free.

Milestones edit

CloudFlare added Lee Holloway as Co-Founder. (7/1/09)
Posted 9/22/10 at 1:15pm

CloudFlare added Michelle Zatlyn as Co-Founder. (7/1/09)
Posted 9/22/10 at 1:15pm

CloudFlare added Matthew Prince as CEO & Co-Founder. (7/1/09)
Posted 9/22/10 at 1:13pm

CloudFlare received $2.05M in Series A funding. (11/25/09)
Posted 11/26/09 at 7:46am via venturebeat.com"

solar-flare.jpg (768×768)

solar-flare.jpg (768×768)

CloudFlare Review: Speed Up, Boost Your Home Based Business

CloudFlare Review: Speed Up, Boost Your Home Based Business: "There are so many things we have to worry about when managing our own home based business, that it makes us wonder where or when all these worries will ever stop. Truth to be told, as your online business grows, so are your requirements, ergo your worries.

One of these requirements is most definitely, the speed in which your website loads and serve your users. While your visitors may not notice when your pages loads fast, they will notice when its slow. Slow sites drive people away and that is not good for business, period."

Editors Note: Todays Web World Requires Speed, If Cloud Flare has an answer, its worth a try!

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Shutdown Rumor

On January 18, 2009 the blog TechCrunch erroneously reported that Lycos would be shutting down the Tripod service on February 15, 2009. In actuality, the February shutdown was correct but applied only to Lycos Europe and so only users of Lycos Europe services were affected. By the afternoon following the initial TechCrunch article, Lycos posted an entry on their Lycos Buzz blog explaining this and assuring readers that Lycos US and the Tripod service were not shutting down. TechCrunch subsequently corrected the error in their original article.[10]"

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Lycos also ended up owning Tripod's former competitor Angelfire, picked up as part of the acquisition of WhoWhere. The two properties were run concurrently, with Tripod continuing to focus on its college-age audience while Angelfire tended to attract high school users. In early 2001, Tripod reached 6 million registered users (up from nearly 1 million at the time it was acquired) and was expanding at an estimated 250,000 new sites per month. However, generating profits remained difficult, with an analyst opining that they needed better user profiling so the sites could generate the results expected by advertisers. They also had the challenge of not alienating users while trying to make money.[8] By the end of the year, Tripod and Angelfire also introduced account options allowing users to pay in order to keep their sites ad-free. GeoCities, itself now acquired by Yahoo!, would follow suit not long afterward.[9]"

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Although the feature was an afterthought originally, Tripod soon became known as a place where people could create free web pages, competing with the likes of GeoCities and Angelfire.[4] Criticizing AOL, the existing leader in this space, for its walled-garden approach, Peabody described the company's aims: 'Our idea is to build a community through user-created and user-based content.'[5] A Washington Post reviewer recommended Tripod over GeoCities for giving users an easier URL to remember, and because GeoCities sites had a tendency to crash computers.[6]
[edit]Investment and buyout
After receiving an initial investment of $4 million in venture capital, led by New Enterprises Associates, in May 1997 Tripod took an additional round of investment totaling $10 million. By this time the company had grown to 40 employees and was hoping to reach profitability by the 1st quarter of 1998. The second group of investors included Interpublic, which paid $2.5 million for a stake in Tripod estimated at 10 percent, thus implying a valuation of $25 million for the company overall.[1] As it turned out, Tripod would be sold in February 1998 to Lycos for a reported $58 million in stock.[7]"

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "History

Tripod originated in 1992 with two Williams College classmates, Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey, along with Dick Sabot, an economics professor at the school. The company was headquartered in Williamstown, Massachusetts, with Peabody as CEO. Although it would eventually focus on the internet, Tripod also published a magazine, Tools for Life, that was distributed with textbooks, and offered a discount card for students.[1]
[edit]Website launch
The domain name Tripod.com was created on September 29, 1994,[2] and the site officially launched in 1995 after operating in 'sneak-preview mode' for a period. Billed as a 'hip web site and pay service for and by college students', it offered how-to advice on practical issues young people might deal with when first living away from home. It planned to charge a minimal fee and make money primarily on commissions from partners who would sell products on the site.[3] Other services available included résumé writing features and a simple homepage builder.[1]"



Shows DataBase size in admin board.

Description Installation FAQ Screenshots Changelog Stats
Download db_size.zip here : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/db-size/
Unzip and copy to your wordpress plugins folder, then activate.
Adjust the Alert Level to your convenience by editing line 20 in db_size.php. (Modify in the extensions manager)
That's all."

Best WordPress Plugins for Faster Page Loading

Best WordPress Plugins for Faster Page Loading: "WP Super Cache generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a html File is generated your web server will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress php scripts. The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users, but because a user’s details are displayed in the Comment form after they leave a comment those requests are handled by PHP. This plugin is found to be very useful for all the bloggers using them and is the largest downloaded plugins among all the plugins listed to lower down a bog’s loading time.


W3 Total Cache is trusted by many popular blogs like: mashable.com, pearsonified.com, webdesignerdepot.com, freelanceswitch.com, briansolis.com, css3.info, tutsplus.com, yoast.com, noupe.com and others — W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. It also provides up to 80% Bandwidth savings via Minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and RSS feeds."

Best WordPress Plugins for Faster Page Loading

Best WordPress Plugins for Faster Page Loading: "But research actually shows that web users are a highly impatient group of individuals, with little tolerance for slow page load. One solution is to manually reduce the size and quality of all the images through Photoshop or any basic photo editor. But this is a very tedious task. Luckily for all you efficienteers out there, there are some great WordPress plugins that can collectively improve the performance and response time of your pages within minutes, leading to a faster overall website and a more enjoyable viewing experience. Most of these are image and cash optimizers that lead to faster loading of your blog."

It is 150MB enough for a Wordpress Blog? - A Small Orange Web Hosting Forums

It is 150MB enough for a Wordpress Blog? - A Small Orange Web Hosting Forums: "Yes, a Tiny plan will certainly support a WordPress Blog.

The size of a stock WordPress install is only 9.5MB. With an average amount of plug-ins and themes, I would say that you can expect about 15MB. ASO offers unlimited storage for MySQL databases, but for the sake of details, plan on your WordPress database being 1MB or less in the first year.

In the unlikely event that exceed the limits of your Tiny plan, you can always submit a support ticket requesting an upgrade."

Hosting On a Budget – Web Space | Cast-Iron Hosting Review | Web Hosting

Hosting On a Budget – Web Space | Cast-Iron Hosting Review | Web Hosting: "The thing about blogs though is they usually have a lot of images and other media included in them, and the themes are often times above and beyond what a forum would be. But to put things in perspective, let’s say that the blog owner created one new post per day for a year. Each post contained 3 300×300 images (typical) and a 5 minute video. If the image is stored as a Jpeg (not wise, but common among blog owners due to digital camera formatting), that’s around 120 kilobytes per post.

The video will probably come out to 3 or 4 megabytes depending on quality, or it may come out to nothing and be stored on YouTube instead. So worse case scenario is about 5 megabytes per post. For someone making 1 post per day for a year, they’d need about 2 Gigs of space, which is still a lot less than most hosting companies offer in their basic plans."

Editors Note: The Problem with these calculations is that:

#1) It is definitely overly ambitious with a blogger posting daily.

#2) Yes images are great we all love them but finding and feeling free to use an image in every post may not be the norm. Finding a good image that you feel is okay to use (no potential copyright issues) takes time.

#3) Even then it is truly highly unlikely the blogger would be using three per post when its hard enough to find one!

#4) Posting a video is definitely not the "bread and butter" of every single blog! Posting a video is definitely more like the occasional visit to the Ice Cream Sundae Shop!

Here I feel are definitely far more reasonable estimates that in the end could save you money or possibly work with an independent web host who is more concerned about keeping you happy as a customer.


The real answer was that realistically speaking even sizes down to 20MB were actaully more than enough for websites that were hosted on tripod back in 2001:


You will see all kinds of images and an abundance of pictures over about 4 or 5 full pages of text, as far as storage use I would estimate the whole site used probably about at the most less than a a fourth of the available web space, and the web site was complete.

If you will be creating a website by blogging which will be utilizing even a minute fraction of this per post, you might really want to consider how well your host will be serving up the pages:

For example in a little research for this article I checked out the bandwidth usage for some of my websites which use images (often in a larger or more space demanding size then is truly called for).

The link for this neat little utility is:


These were the unfortunate results I received with a major (large) web hosting company:

Many of the results I am seeing for regular WordPress websites are clearly unacceptable, and this is not a discount host!

I will let you decide for yourself:

 Domain nameSizeLoad TimeAverage Speed per KB
1thewriterscafe,orgERROR0 seconds0 seconds

2Chaidomains.com46.68 KB11.26 seconds0.24 seconds

3See-My-Pic.com20.82 KB4.27 seconds0.21 seconds

4FrumFind.com7.75 KB1.13 seconds0.15 seconds

5FrumFind.org174.64 KB3.96 seconds0.02 seconds

6buy-my-domain.biz9.38 KB2.58 seconds0.27 seconds

7fixtheworld.us58.79 KB2.06 seconds0.04 seconds

8help-u-sell-auto.com16.28 KB1.35 seconds0.08 seconds

9fromfind.org28.34 KB5.06 seconds0.18 seconds

Notice that one the websites has a load time of 11.26 seconds for 46.68 KB! While I was ready to be very angry about TheWritersCafe.org, in going back I realized it was my error because my finger hit the , instead of the .

Repeating the test:

imeAverage Speed per KB
1thewriterscafe.org91.02 KB1.22 seconds0.01 seconds

Produced a far more reasonable answer. However the time delay at Chaidomains.com simply does not seem at all reasonable.

You might also notice that there is an embedded You Tube Video (probably the most common way of displaying a video) on FixTheWorld.us and the size is high at 58.79 however, the real culprit in the scheme as far as size is: FrumFind.org with 174.64 KB. 

Naturally its really difficult to come up with ballpark figures for storage space as well as bandwidth requirements. The normal response to such issues is to go ahead and pay an amount the user "feels comfortable with" even if the number is say between $7.99-$11.99 per month because the sell wisely uses the words "unlimited". Naturally there simply is no such thing as unlimited in the internet world which is where the fine print in the terms of service (TOS) comes in.

In the meantime someone who is brand new to blogging could probably purchase web hosting service offering even between 10-25 megabytes of storage and say 100 megabytes of bandwidth, and never even truly tap the potential of such parameters. If you are only going to put in say between 30 mins to one hour per day, "blogging" it is highly unlikely that you would exceed the 50 megabyte storage limit and 150 megabyte bandwidth limit. 

Go ahead and see if you can save a few dollars or even try some the free web hosting websites if monthly costs are a huge concern of yours.

Stephen C. Sanders
Is a web master who started out using free web hosting platforms such as the Tripod, later Tripod/Lycos, and also currently uses BlogSpot (Free) as well as BlueHost (paid) yet will be soon be transitioning to his own privately labeled web hosting company. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Get Organised! from Jeremy Jacobs Host Presenter

Get Organised! from Jeremy Jacobs Host Presenter: "Some say that if you get your head right, everything in your life will fall into place. Sometimes, that’s hard to achieve particularly if you take into account the current economic situation and the social and personal problems that can stem from it.

That apart, there’s so much for people to do nowadays and less and less time to do things in. So however hard it is for you to be organised, the only real solution is to get organised."

Source of everything above this (except of course for this):
Jeremy Jacobs.com

Editors Note: This guy must really be inside my head right now!

More Media from Jeremy Jacobs Host Presenter

More Media from Jeremy Jacobs Host Presenter: "More Media
Saturday, May 28th, 2011
London, UK

As I mentioned the other day, a website is nearly always work in progress. In order to improve the numbers landing on the Media page, I’ve added some more navigation bars on the right-hand side of the Home page where you can also see a corporate video sampler. This is duplicated on the Media page and will be added to in due course."

Flickr: jimmylewis' Photostream

Flickr: jimmylewis' Photostream: "Home
The Tour
Sign Up

jimmylewis' photostream

Well this is about as good as it's gonna get!

Top Cat Host

If you want be a Top Cat Host, you need how always be on top. Secondly, you need to respond to the needs of your fellow cats. Now cats are a very independent sort. Firstly, when you consider cats, you almost always think of dogs.

Okay so now everyone is buckled in and entirely ready for a little tongue in cheek humor, well why not. Cats always land on all fours after a fall, dogs get kicked when they are down. A dog will run around, panting barking, anything to get your attention. A cat will kind of lounge around and ever so casually brush up against you (almost accidentally) when they want your attention.

Why I’ll Never Forget Top Cat

Thursday, December 24th, 2009
London, UK
The voice of Top Cat, Arnold Stang has died.
One of the most distinctive voices from my past, has passed away. Arnold Stang was Top Cat. Before Monty Python and after Bill & Ben, Top Cat was superbly delivered to the Jacobs’ household in “Rediffusion” black-and-white.

So, the thought is, really what could this "blog" possibly be about? We'll to answer that question we might have to pussy foot around a bit. Why? We'll we honestly are not sure if we are going to anticipate having any "copyright" infringement issues. You see the big cats in show biz, don't mind if you grab an image here and there or post a video now and again, but when it comes to the real thing, by that I mean "Doe Rae Me, Money" then you better be ready. So I put a call into my a few of my little pals in law school, and these three cats are going to look into it for me.

                        Lets not always kid ourselves, there are 
                            thousands of pics of cute kittens, but only
                            one Top Cat. 

So right now everything is cool see, because none from these "hip" blogs have seen a red cent. Yet I willing to bet dollars to donuts, that as soon as there's a single dime or a fast buck to be made, that the Top Cats in Hollywood will do more than just narrow their eyes and fold down their ears. 

All that being said a true Top Cat needs to be stealthy, cause you see a true cat knows when to pounce, and when to just act cool.

For now I leave you with this:

Tip No. 2: Identify your cat’s personality type. 
According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, cats may be loosely classified into four categories: bold and active, easy and affable, withdrawn and timid, and assertive. Your cat may be easier or harder to socialize depending on its personality.
Source of above:

Now I believe in associations as much as any other cat in the alley (just ask any of my err.. associates) yet somehow, the American Association of Feline Practitioners- this is for real right? Well regardless, I really feel like these Feline Practitioners have simply gone too far with their statements.

I wonder if they anticipated ruffling anyone's feathers with the four category classification system. I believe I speak for for all my associates when I say that us cats either in the alley or lounging around in your fine homes, can not be so conveniently labeled. I would even go as far as saying the whole thing smacks of racism, or even worse, but they probably would just call me assertive.

For those of you hoping for the cartoons, I would not be a bit surprised of those over-fed cats in Hollywood decide to pull each and everyone down, I see it's already starting to happen right in my own back alley,

Until later, See yah. This cats got to skate now.


The Collective

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