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Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Cat Host

If you want be a Top Cat Host, you need how always be on top. Secondly, you need to respond to the needs of your fellow cats. Now cats are a very independent sort. Firstly, when you consider cats, you almost always think of dogs.

Okay so now everyone is buckled in and entirely ready for a little tongue in cheek humor, well why not. Cats always land on all fours after a fall, dogs get kicked when they are down. A dog will run around, panting barking, anything to get your attention. A cat will kind of lounge around and ever so casually brush up against you (almost accidentally) when they want your attention.

Why I’ll Never Forget Top Cat

Thursday, December 24th, 2009
London, UK
The voice of Top Cat, Arnold Stang has died.
One of the most distinctive voices from my past, has passed away. Arnold Stang was Top Cat. Before Monty Python and after Bill & Ben, Top Cat was superbly delivered to the Jacobs’ household in “Rediffusion” black-and-white.

So, the thought is, really what could this "blog" possibly be about? We'll to answer that question we might have to pussy foot around a bit. Why? We'll we honestly are not sure if we are going to anticipate having any "copyright" infringement issues. You see the big cats in show biz, don't mind if you grab an image here and there or post a video now and again, but when it comes to the real thing, by that I mean "Doe Rae Me, Money" then you better be ready. So I put a call into my a few of my little pals in law school, and these three cats are going to look into it for me.

                        Lets not always kid ourselves, there are 
                            thousands of pics of cute kittens, but only
                            one Top Cat. 

So right now everything is cool see, because none from these "hip" blogs have seen a red cent. Yet I willing to bet dollars to donuts, that as soon as there's a single dime or a fast buck to be made, that the Top Cats in Hollywood will do more than just narrow their eyes and fold down their ears. 

All that being said a true Top Cat needs to be stealthy, cause you see a true cat knows when to pounce, and when to just act cool.

For now I leave you with this:

Tip No. 2: Identify your cat’s personality type. 
According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, cats may be loosely classified into four categories: bold and active, easy and affable, withdrawn and timid, and assertive. Your cat may be easier or harder to socialize depending on its personality.
Source of above:

Now I believe in associations as much as any other cat in the alley (just ask any of my err.. associates) yet somehow, the American Association of Feline Practitioners- this is for real right? Well regardless, I really feel like these Feline Practitioners have simply gone too far with their statements.

I wonder if they anticipated ruffling anyone's feathers with the four category classification system. I believe I speak for for all my associates when I say that us cats either in the alley or lounging around in your fine homes, can not be so conveniently labeled. I would even go as far as saying the whole thing smacks of racism, or even worse, but they probably would just call me assertive.

For those of you hoping for the cartoons, I would not be a bit surprised of those over-fed cats in Hollywood decide to pull each and everyone down, I see it's already starting to happen right in my own back alley,

Until later, See yah. This cats got to skate now.


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