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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hosting On a Budget – Web Space | Cast-Iron Hosting Review | Web Hosting

Hosting On a Budget – Web Space | Cast-Iron Hosting Review | Web Hosting: "The thing about blogs though is they usually have a lot of images and other media included in them, and the themes are often times above and beyond what a forum would be. But to put things in perspective, let’s say that the blog owner created one new post per day for a year. Each post contained 3 300×300 images (typical) and a 5 minute video. If the image is stored as a Jpeg (not wise, but common among blog owners due to digital camera formatting), that’s around 120 kilobytes per post.

The video will probably come out to 3 or 4 megabytes depending on quality, or it may come out to nothing and be stored on YouTube instead. So worse case scenario is about 5 megabytes per post. For someone making 1 post per day for a year, they’d need about 2 Gigs of space, which is still a lot less than most hosting companies offer in their basic plans."

Editors Note: The Problem with these calculations is that:

#1) It is definitely overly ambitious with a blogger posting daily.

#2) Yes images are great we all love them but finding and feeling free to use an image in every post may not be the norm. Finding a good image that you feel is okay to use (no potential copyright issues) takes time.

#3) Even then it is truly highly unlikely the blogger would be using three per post when its hard enough to find one!

#4) Posting a video is definitely not the "bread and butter" of every single blog! Posting a video is definitely more like the occasional visit to the Ice Cream Sundae Shop!

Here I feel are definitely far more reasonable estimates that in the end could save you money or possibly work with an independent web host who is more concerned about keeping you happy as a customer.


The real answer was that realistically speaking even sizes down to 20MB were actaully more than enough for websites that were hosted on tripod back in 2001:


You will see all kinds of images and an abundance of pictures over about 4 or 5 full pages of text, as far as storage use I would estimate the whole site used probably about at the most less than a a fourth of the available web space, and the web site was complete.

If you will be creating a website by blogging which will be utilizing even a minute fraction of this per post, you might really want to consider how well your host will be serving up the pages:

For example in a little research for this article I checked out the bandwidth usage for some of my websites which use images (often in a larger or more space demanding size then is truly called for).

The link for this neat little utility is:


These were the unfortunate results I received with a major (large) web hosting company:

Many of the results I am seeing for regular WordPress websites are clearly unacceptable, and this is not a discount host!

I will let you decide for yourself:

 Domain nameSizeLoad TimeAverage Speed per KB
1thewriterscafe,orgERROR0 seconds0 seconds

2Chaidomains.com46.68 KB11.26 seconds0.24 seconds

3See-My-Pic.com20.82 KB4.27 seconds0.21 seconds

4FrumFind.com7.75 KB1.13 seconds0.15 seconds

5FrumFind.org174.64 KB3.96 seconds0.02 seconds

6buy-my-domain.biz9.38 KB2.58 seconds0.27 seconds

7fixtheworld.us58.79 KB2.06 seconds0.04 seconds

8help-u-sell-auto.com16.28 KB1.35 seconds0.08 seconds

9fromfind.org28.34 KB5.06 seconds0.18 seconds

Notice that one the websites has a load time of 11.26 seconds for 46.68 KB! While I was ready to be very angry about TheWritersCafe.org, in going back I realized it was my error because my finger hit the , instead of the .

Repeating the test:

imeAverage Speed per KB
1thewriterscafe.org91.02 KB1.22 seconds0.01 seconds

Produced a far more reasonable answer. However the time delay at Chaidomains.com simply does not seem at all reasonable.

You might also notice that there is an embedded You Tube Video (probably the most common way of displaying a video) on FixTheWorld.us and the size is high at 58.79 however, the real culprit in the scheme as far as size is: FrumFind.org with 174.64 KB. 

Naturally its really difficult to come up with ballpark figures for storage space as well as bandwidth requirements. The normal response to such issues is to go ahead and pay an amount the user "feels comfortable with" even if the number is say between $7.99-$11.99 per month because the sell wisely uses the words "unlimited". Naturally there simply is no such thing as unlimited in the internet world which is where the fine print in the terms of service (TOS) comes in.

In the meantime someone who is brand new to blogging could probably purchase web hosting service offering even between 10-25 megabytes of storage and say 100 megabytes of bandwidth, and never even truly tap the potential of such parameters. If you are only going to put in say between 30 mins to one hour per day, "blogging" it is highly unlikely that you would exceed the 50 megabyte storage limit and 150 megabyte bandwidth limit. 

Go ahead and see if you can save a few dollars or even try some the free web hosting websites if monthly costs are a huge concern of yours.

Stephen C. Sanders
Is a web master who started out using free web hosting platforms such as the Tripod, later Tripod/Lycos, and also currently uses BlogSpot (Free) as well as BlueHost (paid) yet will be soon be transitioning to his own privately labeled web hosting company. 

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  1. I forgot to mention that the reason the FrumFind.org WordPress website so large (174KB) is most likely either due to the "incorrect sizing" even of the black and white Hebrew letter. It however could also be due to the animated gif of the President Obama Chia Pet.

    The only explanation to the extra-long loading time for Chaidomains.com is that it may be getting many more hits since completing my profile of my Twitter account under the same name.


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