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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Lycos also ended up owning Tripod's former competitor Angelfire, picked up as part of the acquisition of WhoWhere. The two properties were run concurrently, with Tripod continuing to focus on its college-age audience while Angelfire tended to attract high school users. In early 2001, Tripod reached 6 million registered users (up from nearly 1 million at the time it was acquired) and was expanding at an estimated 250,000 new sites per month. However, generating profits remained difficult, with an analyst opining that they needed better user profiling so the sites could generate the results expected by advertisers. They also had the challenge of not alienating users while trying to make money.[8] By the end of the year, Tripod and Angelfire also introduced account options allowing users to pay in order to keep their sites ad-free. GeoCities, itself now acquired by Yahoo!, would follow suit not long afterward.[9]"

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