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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripod.com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "History

Tripod originated in 1992 with two Williams College classmates, Bo Peabody and Brett Hershey, along with Dick Sabot, an economics professor at the school. The company was headquartered in Williamstown, Massachusetts, with Peabody as CEO. Although it would eventually focus on the internet, Tripod also published a magazine, Tools for Life, that was distributed with textbooks, and offered a discount card for students.[1]
[edit]Website launch
The domain name Tripod.com was created on September 29, 1994,[2] and the site officially launched in 1995 after operating in 'sneak-preview mode' for a period. Billed as a 'hip web site and pay service for and by college students', it offered how-to advice on practical issues young people might deal with when first living away from home. It planned to charge a minimal fee and make money primarily on commissions from partners who would sell products on the site.[3] Other services available included résumé writing features and a simple homepage builder.[1]"

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