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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Aperture vs Adobe Photoshop

Apple Aperture vs Adobe Photoshop: "Apple Aperture is aimed at the professional photographer who shoots predominantly Raw files and is looking for a better way to manage their workflow and perform their initial Raw conversion. After installing Aperture, you might find yourself dragging iView MediaPro or Extensis Portfolio to the Trash, and your Raw workflow will definitely change, but Adobe Photoshop will stay firmly ensconced in your Applications folder.

However, though Aperture will provide adjustment tools such as Histogram to modify color and white balance, Apple seemed to suggest that most content editing of photos should remain Photoshop's province. In its product information, Apple wrote that Aperture will feature "seamless Photoshop integration." This will include one-click file export to Photoshop, native support for flattened or single-layer .PSD files and management of Photoshop-generated image versions."

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