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Monday, September 12, 2011

Did Life Form By Accident ?

Did Life Form By Accident ?: "s hear a little about Sir Francis Crick.  Sir Francis H.C. Crick, a noted biologist, is the one who deduced the double-helical structure of DNA, for which he, together with his partner James Watson, later received the Nobel Prize.  Crick went on to contribute to the elucidation of the genetic code.  In short, he is a very respected scientist.  And what led Crick to give the following view was the feeling that it’s virtually impossible for the origin of life to have been undirected (accident).  So Crick, together with noted chemist Leslie Orgel (who are trained scientists, who always look for naturalistic explanations to their problems - and to admit to a God wouldn’t be scientific) said the following wild theory.  And mind you that this theory was proposed in 1973, and reaffirmed in 1983 when Crick wrote it in a book called Life Itself, and reaffirmed again in 1992 during an interview in Scientific American.(6)The wild theory is as follows.  They say that some extraterrestrial civilization of another solar system, because of the fear of extinction, decided to “seed” other planets with the essence of their live matter."

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