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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SSH/Shell Access

SSH/Shell Access: "Connect Using SSHTerm
cPanel comes equipped with an application called SSHTerm, which lets you connect to your website using SSH through cPanel.
SSHTerm is a Java application that opens a command line interface (CLI) in an application window within the browser.
To connect via SSHTerm using a username and password:
Click Connect using SSHTerm.
If cPanel prompts you to accept a certificate, do so. The application will load after a few moments.
Within the SSHTerm window, select File > New Connection.
Enter the web server’s IP address.
Click Advanced.
Enter the username in the Username field.
Select password under the Authentication Methods heading.
Note: You can also select publickey to authenticate using a public key.
Click Connect.
Enter the username and password.
Click Ok.

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